March Moments

Howdy all. The image in the above photo made me happy. The boy who created the snowmen chose to build them in a public space by a park bench in our neighborhood instead of his front or backyard. I wondered why and if he was aware of how much joy he brought to others with his creation. He was in too much of a frenetic mode for me to ask him, but I was so grateful for the simple joy I experienced seeing his creation.

Sometimes a simple word or action can bring others joy if we take the time and thought to share. I was struck with this thought when our friend Tim Stiller passed recently. Many of you knew Tim and his insane joy of life and equally frenetic energy. He seemed unstoppable.

Shortly before Christmas, however, Tim went to the doctor for back pain and received the shocking news that he had stage four cancer. They couldn’t give him a definite timeline, of course, but they weren’t sure he’d even make it to Christmas day. His doctor told him to spend his remaining days or weeks or possibly months putting his things in order and saying his good-byes to friends. Never one to sugar coat things, Tim responded with unbridled anger at everyone and everything, quickly apologizing, but clearly in shock and despair.

Which is why, just a week or so later, I was amazed to see Tim back home, tirelessly organizing his office and home studio. He had a plan to photograph friends, family, and strangers. He wanted to share his art. He wanted to leave a legacy.

And in the short couple of months that followed, he did just that, bringing joy to so many friends and strangers. He took fantastic photos of nearly 100 subjects, myself included. My Facebook profile picture is his. I was amazed at how well it came out. And very grateful.

You can see his story here:
Bozeman Photographer Gives Back to Community with Free Portraits

He made it to his 59th birthday on February 20th, but had a major physical setback and died just a couple of days later. His death is a shock to so many in our community. But I think most of us were also feeling awe and inspiration. How does a man who has precious few moments left give so much to others? For me, the message is not to let the opportunity to share joy slip away. Christine Lavin wrote a beautiful song about that very idea. I learned it and shared it at Unity Spiritual Center this past Sunday.

Perhaps you’d like to listen: “The Moment Slipped Away”

Thanks for allowing me an opportunity to share this idea. I am also grateful each and every day for the joy of sharing my music with you. I do hope it brings some moments of joy to you as well.

 Here’s What’s Coming Up In March

Tuesday, March 12: Edis at Music and Margaritas with Blake Simpson on guitar and back up vocals. Santa fe Reds, 1235 N 7th Ave, Bozeman 6 to 8 pm. No cover. Enjoy a Cadillac Margarita and yummy Mexican food. Such a fun place!

Friday, March 22: Edis solo at Music and Margaritas at Santa fe Reds, 1235 N 7th Ave, Bozeman 6 to 8 pm. Just little ole me sharing tunes! Come sing along to some familiar covers as well as new tunes. No cover. Just great food, drinks, and fun!

Saturday, March 23: Edis and Cliff at Ted’s Montana Grill in the Baxter lobby. 6:30 to 8:30 pm. Enjoy this historic gem and some fine Montana cuisine. Oh, and fine music as well! Edis on vocals and acoustic guitar. Cliff DeManty on keyboard. No cover.

Tuesday, March 26: Edis solo Bozeman Spirits Distillery, 121 W Main St, Bozeman. 5:30 to 7:30 pm. This is a cozy, fun place with amazing selections. Super drink specials as well.

Friday, March 29: Edis at Music and Margaritas at Santa fe Reds, 1235 N 7th Ave, Bozeman. With Silas Rea on violin and mandolin. Silas adds a special touch of class and musicality to every tune. 6 to 8 pm. No cover.

I’ll also be on KGLT with my “Blues by Heart” show. Saturdays, March 2nd, 9th, 16th and 30th. 3 to 6 pm. March 30th will be part of the annual fund drive, so please listen in and support local public radio. That’s 91.9 fm in Bozeman or stream at

I’ll be providing music for Unity Spiritual Center on Sundays, March 10th and 24th, 10:30 to noon, 1919 Fairway Dr, Bozeman.

You can always go to for schedules and updates.

Thanks so much for the support. Hope to see you at one place or another, or maybe around town. Sending out positive thoughts wherever you may be today. Stay warm and be happy.


Edis Kittrell